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If you need a ride to Worship service, or Sunday school, please call the church office @ 258-2253, for the church van.

Seekers - Adults (In Seekers Room)

Nooma - High School/Young Adults - Not-So-Young Adults (A 24 week DVD study program held in Pathfinders Room.)

Grades 6-8 (Beginning 11/2/14 in the Youth Room.)

K-5 Class - Teacher - Pam Pegelow


What is the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)?

It’s People—
•A Christian group—working toward uniting all Christians in one body.
•Individuals—worshiping and serving Christ in their own way.

The church’s name tells us a lot about the church

Christian Church—shows that members have a common bond with the church universal.
Disciples of Christ—identifies members as a distinctive body within the church universal.
The church stands for—
•Christian Faith—a personal relationship with Christ, whose life and ministry reveal God’s will.
•Christian unity—helping each other; working, worshiping, growing together in the way of the gospel.

Local Names may be used by some congregations, e.g., “First Christian Church,” “Hometown Christian.”

Membership in the Christian church (disciples of Christ) means Freedom and Diversity

In worship—Prayer and devotion are a Christian’s greatest source of strength. There are no set doctrines or uniform rules, so each person can find the methods that suit him or her the best.
In service—God has given each Christian unique gifts and talents. The church offers many and varied opportunities to put them to use locally, nationally and worldwide.
In fellowship—Church members join together in many ways—sharing each others joys and sorrows; helping each other follow Christ’s way in every area of daily life.

Are you an active church member?

What does it mean by being an Active Church Member?

It means sharing more fully in the life of your church. Active church members choose to: Worship regularly,
Witness and share God’s love in their lives., Serve God and Neighbor responsibly and faithfully, Give their
time and money to further the church’s mission, locally and throughout the world.

Why is it Important for me to be active in my church?

Because you are the Church!!! The church is more than the building you worship in. The church is people—
the combined life of all who believe that Jesus Christ is Savior. Because the church needs you! As a follower of
Christ, you are called to let your faith and your good works bring light to the world.

Excerpt from the Scriptographic Booklet by Channing L. Bete Co., Inc.

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