One of the greatest ways we can serve is through our giving. When we faithfully give to the ministries of Jesus Christ, through the church, we make a difference in the lives of those locally, and globally. There is no way any of us individually could offer ourselves as much as our collective giving can support.

Not only do we show people the love of Christ through our giving, but our lives are changed as well as we realize that we are simply giving back to God what God has entrusted to us in order to make God’s vision of hope and love in the world a reality. We give because God first gave to us. In addition, we believe that we are called to give after the example of God’s gift in Jesus Christ; sacrificially. If we simply give what costs us nothing, we do little for God’s kingdom, and even less for our own spiritual growth. Giving to God is not for our salvation, nor is it a requirement or law, but rather we give because it makes a positive difference, and it creates within us a deeper and better relationship with the God who loves us enough to give us everything.

You can serve by giving to the ministries of Jesus Christ through First Christian Church of Brookfield in person, by mail, or online by clicking “Give Now”. If you have any questions about how you can serve through your giving please do not hesitate to call or email us.