We Love The Bible!


As we draw inspiration, strength and new ideas from studying the Bible, it is important to be aware of our basic assumptions about the Bible

and how we (as Disciples of Christ) use it in our lives.  

Here are a few of the values that we understand about the Bible.


 –The Bible is God’s word to us, written in human language. So, it is shaped and conditioned by each author’s culture, history, personal experience, literary abilities and language. While is it always TRUE, it may not always be accurate to historical and scientific facts as we know them.

 –The Bible is the story or record of God’s revelation to humankind of God’s love for us, and God’s hope that we oppose evil and seek after goodness, wholeness and peace.

 –God’s inspiration of scripture occurred not only in the original writing, but also, later in the selection of which books or papers are truly scripture (the canon) as well as during the subsequent translating of the Bible so that everyone can more fully know Jesus.

 –The Bible reports Jesus’ commands about how to live our lives and how to make choices about the best ways we can show our love for others and gratitude for God’s grace and mercy.

 –Some of the Bible is difficult to understand without deeper study of the culture, the language and the occasion when it was written. Some of the Bible is history, some of it is allegory. Some of the Bible does not rely upon historical accuracy but instead is more concerned about the “meaning” of historical trends and events. The Bible more often is interpreting rather than reporting particular events.



 –The more we read and study the Bible the greater is our understanding and appreciation for holiness.

 –The more we read and study the Bible, the more it demands us to live sacrificially, giving our skills, time and resources so that others might thrive and find hope and peace in their lives. While life may get more complicated, it also becomes more joyous.

 –When we read and study the Bible as individuals, alone, it is a wondrous and enriching act. But, studying the Bible in groups with other Christians, provides the power of courage and the source of new ideas that helps the church grow as well as enriches our own lives.

 –We understand that the New Testament gives the basic outline of how every Christian, since the earliest days of the first converts, must live the Christian life. Therefore it is the guidebook for how we organize the church. This can be the only test whereby our unity as Christians can be measured.

 –Even a little time spent learning the Bible’s lessons will produce enormous benefits to our church and our own personal spiritual lives.